The standard Multistation (4 Position) on request can be changed, by replacing and/or supplemented with the other training stations with the following devices:

+ Power Tower (Pull Up/ Chin-Up/ Dips/ Leg Raise) 3KP155
+ Power Tower (Pull Up/ Chin-Up/ Dips/ Leg Raise) 3K153
+ Seated Row Machine 1M204
+ Lat Pulldown Machine 1MX207
+ Seated Row Machine 4M224
+ Seated Row Machine 7LXX196
+ Cable for Biceps and Triceps 1C
+ Triceps Pushdown Machine 3M219
+ Cable Crossover Machine 2C079
+ Cable Crossover Machine 2CXX077
+ Peck Fly/ Rear Delt Machine 9M243
+ Butterfly (Pec Deck Fly) 9MX24
+ Shoulder Press Machine 1PX260
+ Lateral Shoulder Raise Machine 3PXX269
+ Scott Curl Machine 3FX121
+ Standing Leg Curl 6MX231
+ Leg Extension Machine 8MX237
+ Leg Extension/ Curl Machine 8M235