The Hip Thrust exercise is the most effective way to train glutes and increase the strength and size of the glutes muscles, improve hip and core stability.

The HIP THRUST MACHINE allow training simply and safely. A comfortably padded belt secures the user to the back pad which supports the full length of the spine for added safety.

Users have the ability to load up to 6 weight plates on each side which gives the machine a maximum load weight of 450 kg (Incl. athlete weight) or use the resistance bands, or a combination of both to create the biggest challenge to the glute muscles.

  • Suitable for 50 mm diameter weight plates.

Steel frame version:
100x50x3 mm (Maximum load 450 kg) Initial weight: 12 kg

Measurements (100x50x3 mm):
Length 150 cm
Width 160 cm
Height 93 cm
Weight 90 kg

Quality characteristics:

  • Heavy-duty frame
  • Powder coating
  • Autoleather
  • Cross-knurled stainless steel handles

Meets the requirements of EN ISO 20957 -1:2013, EN ISO 20957-1:2005 use class S (STUDIO).

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