Pullover Machine 7A041

Pullover Machine - The perfect and complete layout for chest and back muscles exercising. Robust and stable construction. 30 degrees angle provides a better balance for the athlete, starting weight resistance of 8kg.

  • The adjustable seat will suit all-sized athletes.
  • Suitable for 50 mm diameter weight plates.
  • 2 x weight plate storage.

Steel frame version:

  • 100x50x3 mm (Maximum load 350 kg) Initial weight : 8 kg
  • 120x80x4 mm (Maximum load 450 kg) Initial weight : 10 kg (On Request)

Measurements (100x50x3 mm):

Length 212 cm
Width 145 cm
Height 187 cm
Weight 230 kg

Measurements (120x80x4 mm):

Length 222 cm
Width 155 cm
Height 187 cm
Weight 385 kg

Quality characteristics:

Heavy-duty frame
Powder coating

Meets the requirements of EN ISO 20957 -1:2013, EN ISO 20957-1:2005 use class S (STUDIO). 

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