Seated Row Machine 4M224

Seated Row Machine is used to develop pulling strength and train back muscles.

  • Three different positions of handles for upper and lower back muscle groups.
  • Standard weight stack 80 kg.
  • Weight stacks are covered by protective plates to prevent unintentional contact.
  • Adjustable chest and seat pads.
  • The maximum range of movement.

Steel frame version:

100x50x3 mm (Maximum load 250 kg)

Measurements (100x50x3 mm):

Length 126 cm

Width 109 cm

Height 223 cm

Weight 208 kg

Quality characteristics:

Heavy-duty frame

Powder coating


Meets the requirements of EN ISO 20957 -1:2013, EN ISO 20957-1:2005 use class S (STUDIO). 

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