Stationary Bench 5J146

Stationary Bench has a 3-degree tilt which allows a more comfortable angle for shoulder workouts. Upfront foot bars allow the user to position their feet up front for a slight push to keep the body firmly seated on the bench.

Steel frame version:

  • 60x60x2 mm (Maximum load 250 kg)
  • 100x50x3 mm (Maximum load 400 kg)

Measurements (100x50x3 mm):

Length 127 cm
Width 60 cm
Height 97 cm
Weight 35 kg

Quality characteristics:

  • Heavy-duty frame
  • Powder coating
  • Autoleather

Meets the requirements of EN ISO 20957 -1:2013, EN ISO 20957-1:2005 use class S (STUDIO). 

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